Because this website is for the childfree, I think having a dedicated page for childfree resources is appropriate. I went through many of these sites and added the resources from there as well. Being Childfree isn’t the only website about the childless by choice out there, so here are some more. I will update with more websites and resources as I find them.

Childfree Websites – A resource website with information about childfree. Features books, articles, and other websites.

The Childfree Life – Offers books and blogs suggestions for the childfree, a forum, entertainment, connections, and an online shop with some childfree items.

We’re Not Having A Baby – A childfree blog with articles and rants

Enough of Us – The blog about the book written under the same name written by Cheryl and Ellis Levinson.

Choosing Childfree – Blog with guest posts and articles.

The Not Mom (.com) – “Celebrating women without children by choice or by chance.”

Baby No Baby – “Exploring the decision to have kids (or not) with thoughts, facts, and questions.”

Non-parents – “for people without children by circumstance or choice”

Childfree Social Groups

Reddit – Childfree – Online support and discussion group and safe haven for childfree individuals.

No Kidding! – A social club with chapters throughout North America.

Live Journal – Childfree – Childfree community

Why No Kids – A place to explore the married, childless lifestyle.

YesChildfree – Childfree online dating

Other Websites and Resources

Tubes Tied No Kids – A 23-year old’s journey to get a tubal ligation

Biology and Breeding

To Breed Or Not To Breed – World Overpopulation Awareness

Population Connection – America’s voice for population stabilization